Don't Stress over the Parent Dances...

Don't Stress over Parent Dances...

I Sit with many couples who are concerned about the Parent Dances because their parents are divorced, remarried, or in an odd space.

Remember always that it is YOUR Wedding; YOU choose the events of your wedding, and you can discuss any personal concerns with me when we plan your wedding. Then we can plan properly.

The best policy is to discuss your concerns with your parent. Maybe you have "2 fathers" who want to dance with you. If they both are a part of your life, have 2 separate dances - one with the biological father, another with the Step-dad later in the evening.

Another successful answer would be to hold each parent dance at various times during dinner. Dinner starts at 7pm. Eat a bit, then announce the first Father dance and ask guests to join, if you want. Eat another course, then announce the step-dad dance. That way you're not "On Stage", as you would be in the beginning of the reception, and both fathers will be pleased.

But what if you don't have a dad to dance with? It's perfectly fine for the bride to dance with her mother (or some other person who played a significant role in her life - maybe a brother). It's all a Celebration of Love...a special time for Love to be shared.

Finally, you can Combine your Parent Dance with your Husband's Parent Dance, both couples dancing simultaneously to one song. And when you get tired or bored, nod to yourMC (me) and he'll motion for the DJ to fade the song, and ask for applause! - Complete reception $900!

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