Centerpieces - Fantastic Unique Ideas...

Brides struggle to find the perfect centerpieces for the table...

Over the years I've seen Towering Vases overflowing with water and lillies and stones, vicariously hovering above the guests, I've seen very simple candles floating in elegant bowls.

Here are some of my favorites that might help you...
1) Being Italian, I love the tall vases stuffed with all types of Breadsticks and Munchies of various colors. Breadbaskets moved from the Buffet table also work here.

2) Instead of Cut flowers try using Potted flowering plants that will last forever

3) My Favorite - Potted Herbs (some flowering) gardens that provide flavor to the dinner, and make a wonderful addition tothe guests' kitchen.

4) Instead of flowers try interestingly shaped Pitchers at center, all filled with colorful drinks for the guests (Sangria, Wine, Punches)

5) Another Italian Favorite - Baskets stacked high with colorful and delicious fruits like lemons, apples, oranges, kiwi, etc.

6) I've done weddings for world travellers...each table represented a certain country, and the centerpiece was an icon forthat country (Eiffel Tower for France, Tower of Pisa for Italy, etc)

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