The Importance of an MC / Coordinator - Starry Nite DJs Best Tip

Starry Nite Bride's Tip #35 - The Importance of the Emcee / Coordinator
A bride called me from a Bridal Show - The DJ there DID NOT MC the Wedding (extra $$ for that!)...
The MC is the Master of Ceremonies - He's the one who runs things at your wedding. I'm the MC, and I coordinate Everything we planned in our sit down so that things work impeccably throughout your reception. The MC does all the announcements, coordinates all events during a reception, and communicates with you the entire night.

I've heard horror stories (and you've been to these weddings) of DJs that just show up, do the announcements from behind their box, and do Not interact with anybody for the rest of the night (most don't even take requests!). Don't hire them!
A Qualified Emcee will run the show flawlessly, and handle any problems for you. In my price I include myself (MC / Professional Director) and a DJ to spin the songs while I'm announcing, etc. The reason my cost is way below others is I feel the price is adequate. But when you get there and see I'm ready to implement everything we worked so hard to plan, it's comforting.
Price - Many brides have questioned my Low Pricing; they have heard that Vendors start low and go high. Also, they've heard that the higher the price, the better the wedding. Not true here - Read my Testimonials, look at my equipment list for sound and lighting - it matches anyone in the industry. Plus I take the time to sit with you in your home and plan the night, and I bring an extra DJ to all weddings. All included in my very fair price. Plus, I know the music from ALL genres, and I'll play it - 20 years playing weddings! I guess I can raise the price to $1500, like the others who don't offer as much! Do your research, please!


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