3 Parts to a Wedding Reception... Part 3 - The Party!

Part 3... The Party!!!

Finally, after we finish all the Formal Announcements and all the Activities we've planned together, after the guests have chowed down, after the cake-cutting, we can PARTY!!!
You think this would be the easy part, but for me it's nerve-wracking! Picture this... YOU are at the music controls, you play a new Rihanna song and NOBODY Dances! Where do you go next? DJs I've recently interviewed have said, literally, "Who Cares! If they don't dance to Good Music it's their problem!" (swear to God, this was a response!).

It's NOT Your Problem! This is YOUR Party, and I'm responsible for the rest of the night being a Grand Triumph or a Grand Bust!

My secret is twofold... 1) We've sat together and PLANNED what you and your guests love musically so I know, and 2) I have EYES and Experience! These DJs who line up 10 Top 40 songs and walk away from the console texting someone should be tossed out of the business!

I Know what music you love because YOU Told ME! Why would I stick with Rihanna when you said you want Motown or Disco or Techno? The night should be filled with music you and your guests love - a Polka or Tarantella led by the DJ really creates great memories for the older crowd of Italians. You're down with the Beatles, so you dance to Long Tall Sally, I Saw Her Standing There, etc.

But I have eyes too. Play Rihanna, 10 people dance. Not counting the Liquor Factor (more dance as the liquor pours!). Try 60's - 70's - now all your aunts are up, and lots of young friends. 80's doesn't work so well. We're experimenting. Slow Dancing went well, but we're partying now. Maybe some vintage RB - Kids like Jump around and Yeah (Usher) - save for later. I'm watching. By the last hour I know EXACTLY what gets THIS crowd dancing, and I hit Top 40, RB and 60's - 70's hard. Now I know how to run your Party!