Why a Club DJ Cannot Run Your Wedding...

Why a Club DJ Cannot play your Wedding

In my 26 years of spinning music in both Clubs and Wedding Venues I've learned one Grand Lesson, and if I can impart any bit of wisdom to you it's this... They are not the same! Time and again I've heard disappointed brides mumbling that the DJ from the bar down the street ruined their wedding. Here's why...

1) Initially the Emcee/DJ must be able to Coordinate every aspect of the reception with you, including all the Formalities (Announcements, Cake Cutting, Bouquet, etc). I've unfortunately learned the hard way not to hire DJs that hide in their cube all night - part of the plan is to Run the Show, which means working closely with the Bride, Groom and Venue throughout the evening, and Orchestrating all the key events professionally while entertaining the crowd. Simply showing up and playing loud music doesn't address this. You don't want a Joker or a Wallflower to run your wedding.

2) Now to the Music. We all get the Weekly Charts telling us what's popular in the clubs, plus anyone can check Billboard's Top 100. In fact, that's all club DJs do, since they can perfectly stick to the particular music genre the club promotes, usually Top 40. That works well if no one over 30 will be attending your wedding, or your aunts don't care to participate in the celebration you paid soooo much for.

But the DJ is there to engage the crowd - the whole crowd - with music. I interviewed a young club DJ the other day (hoping to hire him), and asked him if he could play the Beatles or Disco if needed, since half the people at the wedding are over 50. He said he hated the Beatles, and Disco is Dead.

"So you're telling me, your prospective boss, that if some lady requests an Abba song, or Chuck Berry, you won't play it?"

"I don't take requests anyway", he replied. "Besides, it's the bride's wedding."

"What if she doesn't want Top 40, but college rock like Weezer, or oldies?"

"Weezer? Who's that..."

3) Finally, remember two more important aspects regarding your Reception. It is NOT a club. Club DJ's will always play Way Too Loud, hoping to thrash you into dancing. People go to clubs to get pounded by the music, and maybe later in your reception that will work, but not during dinner, and not early in the dance sequence.

DJs play loud because...1) They don't have a great knowledge of all genres of music, and 2) They can hide with very little interaction. They believe falsely that Loud equals great party, and it's Your fault if you and your guests don't dance, or have to leave the room screaming with blood in your ears.

Think of the best weddings you've attended. Everyone was dancing, right? Young people dancing with aunts and uncles to some oldies, lots of love songs early in the evening, then a packed dance floor all night with a great Mix of Music.

Hire a Professional who really knows weddings.