Caring is Everything

Caring 101 - Your Vendor Should Care about Your Big Day!

I've built my business on one premise. I care about your Wedding Day. I understand the work, money and dreams you've invested in it, hoping itwill be wonderful. Any successful businessman will put Caring at the top of his list.

2 days ago I received a call from a DJ who wanted to work for me (this could be ANY vendor). His resume was impressive - had worked for the Big DJ Companies. I asked him how he got to know each bride. He paused...

"I meet her at the wedding", he answered. "I talk to her on the phone a few days before, to introduce myself. I also have her Fact Sheet that she faxed in."

I asked, "She's investing a LOT in you. Would you be willing to sit with the Bride and groom at their home about a week before the wedding, and REALLY get to know them?"

He answered, "Why? I have their song suggestions, and the order they walk in to."

I Would Never Hire Him. Nor should you EVER hire any vendor that doesn't care as much about your Big Day as You Do. On this most personal day, your vendors should know you.

Read part of a recent Testimonial below. It's what I live for...

But our absolutely favorite thing was something small that only someone who had taken the time to get to know us would have been able to do. At some point during our initial meetings, we had mentioned that Scrubs was one of our favorite TV shows. Tom took this information and decided to play a song we’d never thought to request – but which was the song played when two of the main characters on Scrubs got married in a dream. It ended up being the first moment during the whole wedding that we had a moment alone together on the dance floor, without everyone staring at us. I had tears in my eyes because it really felt like our first REAL dance as a married couple, and we’ll never forget that song – or Tom for giving us that moment, and our perfect wedding."

-Jessica & Michael Married September 25

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