The Importance of Meeting the Vendor Actually Playing Your Wedding

Why it is Very Important to Interview the Vendor Playing your Wedding!

You’ve done everything properly… Checked the references, brought your lists of questions to the first meeting. The man behind the table charmed you, gave you a discount “If you book today”. As the wedding day approached he might even contact you. He requests that you fax a sheet to him, to help Organize the Reception (I sit face-to-face to plan!).

Then, as you make your way into the hall on the Big Day, you notice a man you’ve never met setting up equipment. He approaches you. “I’m Phil, your DJ! And you are…?” You step back…

“We hired Jim! Where’s Jim?” The man answers off the cuff…

“Jim’s MY boss. He books and I play the wedding!” You back away, almost in tears. You’ve never met Phil, have no idea what his credentials are - Has he’s ever played a wedding? I Does he enjoy and play YOUR music? The Testimonials you saw online never mentioned Phil.

Your heart sinks. You can immediately see that Phil is congenial, but it’s just another day for him - just another gig. He doesn’t know you. It’s too late to call his boss, and you remember the contract stated they were only obliged to provide a DJ, not anyone specific.

The night is mediocre, as you feared. Phil sat behind his cube and played Top 40 all night – even though you wanted 90% Oldies. Worse, during dinner the music was far too loud to allow guests to mingle and talk to each other. And it looked like Phil was enjoying a cocktail or two on your dime.

Moral: Meet the ACTUAL PERSON playing your wedding. If the company doesn’t work that way, don’t hire them. You have every right, as a client, to meet the vendor who will be sharing your Big Day.