Why Choose Starry Nite DJs as your Wedding Entertainment?

Why Choose Us? 
Because We Party with You!... 

  1. This is YOUR wedding, and we know it, and we Work Together. You're looking for a special, intimate occasion.There are plenty of DJs out there claiming to be the best, but look closer. You may get someone from a "DJ conglomerate" who boast 25 DJs working for them, and will assign someone you've never spoken to mere days before your wedding. Or you might find the "Wonder Club Kid," who plays a great party - for 22-year-old bar patrons. With him any special attention to detail is kept at a minimum, and your wedding is a little extra cash in his pocket.
  2. We've been doing this for a while. We have real experience, and we'll sit down with you to find your taste in music and your vision for a great reception. We've done it countless times before, we really care about the happiness of you and your guests, and we can guide the entire process. With us, you will get a professional MC who can take charge of the reception with elegant announcements and guest interaction, who can create a wonderful atmosphere just for your loved ones, and who can organize the "house" and photographic events so no one misses a thing.
  3. We keep it affordable. In truth, we feel blessed to be sharing in your wedding. We're a small business that does big things (what wedding isn't a big thing?). At a price that beats most competition and a level of care and attention that few can match, we guarantee to tailor our services to your plans, help you every step of the way, ensure your party is a blast, and help to make one of the greatest memories of your life.
  4. We know how to lead a great party, and help you plan it. When we sit with you to plan the reception, we first provide you with a schedule of reception events, which gives a good starting outline of traditional receptions. Then we go over the Wedding Coordination Worksheet, a great and easy questionnaire that lets us structure your unique reception when we sit together. Finally, we learn about your musical preferences - do you twist to the twist, get down to Motown, boogie to Disco, freak to the Chili Peppers, or spin to Modern Club and R&B? We have great dance tunes in any genre.
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