The great Napkin Game

The Napkin Game -

I use this one at every wedding. It promotes guest interaction, and interjects a lot of Humor into the wedding early on. Also, it gets your guests Involved!

1. I ask that One Person from each table hold a Napkin over his/her head

2. I tell them that when the music starts, everyone quickly pass the napkin to their right, around and around the table, until the Music Stops.

3. I inform my assistant DJ to play the Benny Hill theme (you'll hear people clapping along to it!).

4. I nod, and the dj presses STOP! a roar goes up from the crowd (why? They don't know!)

5. I tell them that the Person Holding the Napkin has to get that table Onto the Dance Floor later! (they all groan and laugh), BUT I quickly tell them I'm Not Done yet!

6. Repeat steps 2, 3, and 4.

7. This time, when the music abruptly stops, there's a Giant Roar! Why?

8. I inform the person holding the napkin to Wrap it Over Her Arm (I act like a waiter here), because she will be getting Drink for the ENTIRE Table! This always gets an Awesome Laugh!