Don't Get Nickel-&-Dimed into the Poorhouse by a Wedding Vendor!

Don’t Get “Nickel-and-Dimed” to Death! – Alright, I’m tired of hearing Vendor Horror Stories from uninformed brides. Take this Tip to heart, and carry it throughout the nauseating process of hiring Vendors. I’ll use a bride who recently signed me as a cautionary example. Take heed!

-          Before she met me, Sarah sat with 3 DJ Vendors she met at a Bridal Expo. All offered “Coupons” – 10% Off, $300 Off ($300 off WHAT?). None of these vendors gave them a real price at the Expo – they could only give a price after they met

(Warning  – Any vendor that is not willing to give prices right away is hiding something!).

-          As she sat with the “$300 off” DJ, Sarah found that his regular price is $1500, so now he offered her $1200 as a base price. GREAT! What’s Base Price mean? $1200 for a 4 hour reception (who has a 4 hour reception?- Add $250 for the 5th hour), One DJ only (2nd DJ costs another $300, “but you need him so one of us can be out on the floor all night spreading the fun!” – which means “pay the extra $300 or No Fun!?”). Also, ADD $250 for the on-site ceremony before the Reception.Then there was the Set-Up fee (he has to spend one hour to set up his equipment for the reception- $200 cost). Also, he wanted to charge a mileage fee for travel time (but was willing to “waive this” as a favor!).

-          So $1200 with the coupon came to about $2000 for the night. AND there was no guarantee that this was a Great DJ, or that the guy she met would even Play her wedding!

-          Sarah booked me for $1100, Ceremony included. I’m playing her wedding, with a second DJ, and it includes Dance Floor lighting. She loved me because it’s EXACTLY the price quoted on my website. Coupled with my Great testimonials, and after meeting me, she is a very happy bride-to-be!

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