Choosing Your Wedding Party - Best Wedding Tips from Starry Nite DJs!

Tips on Choosing your Wedding Party...
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1) Choosing your Wedding Party- Obviously, choose friends/family who are very close to you. If you cannot choose one Best Man or Maid of Honor, choose two! It’s perfectly acceptable

and can save you lots of anxiety. Also, for small weddings, you may choose NOT to have a huge Bridal Party - just a Best Man and a Maid of Honor to stand beside you at the altar. Also, it’s perfectly acceptable for a parent to stand as Best Man / Matron of Honor.

2) When you cannot include all of your loved ones in the Ceremony (Bridal Party, Readings, etc) make sure you share a Special Dance at the reception, and that the DJ acknowledges it to the crowd. It’s the perfect time to acknowledge grandparents and family members that have always been a special part of your life.
Also, as an aside, It is perfectly acceptable for a bride to dance with her mom (First Dance) at the reception if her father isn’t available.

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