Backstreet's Back!

What an Amazing Wedding. Rachel and Scott at the Boathouse in Hartford.

When we were planning the wedding together they mentioned that some of their friends "might like to hear a Backstreet Boys son or two". I chuckled a bit at the time, but it's a request that's been creeping into weddings recently. I went home and pulled out all my son's (he's 25 now) old BSB and NSync CDs, and made sure I had all loaded on the computer, just in case...

JUST IN CASE happened very quickly last night.
During Dinner (played "I want it that way, Perfect Fan by request) the Groomsmen (yes, all of them) came up and asked me to play Backstreet's Back right there and then. Okay, I put it on. They went CRAZY with a faux-choreographer boy band dance and the crowd, still chewing, erupted. All guys, mind you, sliding and spinning their fists NSync! So, what the hell, I threw one on for the girls (Wannabe - Spice Girls). They dropped their forks and flooded onto the dance floor (AND the boys stayed in too).

Moral: You never know. My livelihood is based simply on giving the crowd at THAT particular wedding What THEY Want, and having the experience and musical knowledge to follow it up with great music I sense will keep them on the dance floor. NSync and BSB are back in my rotation!