The Anniversary Dance ... Great Memories shared

The Anniversary Dance…

A Special Moment I share at weddings is The Anniversary Dance (or you may know it as The Couples Dance). I ask ALL couples to come to the dance floor, but the Married Couples to dance closest to the center of the floor. Then I play an Old love song (Unforgettable, Summer Wind, Unchained Melody) and ask them to start dancing. 

The New Bride and Groom dance the entire dance. About a minute in I say, “The couples married Less than 10 years please dance your way to the outside of the floor.” After a moment I knock out those couples married less than 20 years, then 25, and so on, until I reach the last two couples that have been married the longest. I ask both couples to share their experience with the Bride and Groom, and offer some words of advice, and everyone loves it. 

This Special Dance works for 3 reasons…

1)      Involvement – During dinner you’ll see a lot of “aunts” bopping their heads to the music as they sit. Of course their husbands are planted at the bar! So this gives them an opportunity to dance at least one slow dance with their other half.

2)      Memories – Everyone knows those last couples standing – usually grandparents or great-uncles are left – and they’ll always talk about it at family gatherings. When I ask them for Advice for the Bride and Groom, it’s usually heartfelt sentiment, and a great chance to express their own love for each other after all the years.

Some advice I’ve heard?...”Never go to bed angry…Remember 2 words – “Yes Dear”….Always have a sense of humor…always remember she’s your best friend…Learn to Forgive…Live every day fully with each other…Start and End every day with a kiss…Never take one day for granted…Thank God every day for what you have…Always remember that, even through the fights, this is the person you love most in the world.

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