Pricing... Why Starry Nite keeps it Affordable

Many Brides have called me, saying there must be a catch...Full 5 Hour Reception for $995? when all the other companies charge at least $1500, and you never know who they'll send out? My reply is that it's a real figure, and any add-ons like lighting ($100) are posted up front on my site ( - see Ala Carte' link).

Truth is I feel blessed to be sharing your wedding - I've loved it for over 28 years. No man has a better job, nor is lucky enough to run a better company. Caring is Everything. It doesn't take one extra bit of strain to care about what you're doing, unless you hate it. You've seen some of those vendors at weddings, I'm sure!

I learned long ago that "Car Salesman" tactics are deceitful and should have no place in the Wedding Industry, since the brides are very vulnerable. Unfortunately you've all heard Vendor Horror stories, so I won't go there. Just beware that most wedding vendors are NOT businessmen, and most are using Car Sales gimmicks to get you in the door so they can slam you into a package you didn't want. Learn to be strong and Walk Away!

I charge about $1000 per wedding, and I personally play about 60 weddings per year. Again, it's an honor to make that kind of money doing what I love. The truth is there's little overhead in the DJ business - equipment is all owned, marketing is minimal - so I can't see any point in trying to gauge a couple, or trick them. Anyone who meets me knows Ilove this job, and I'll go to the ends of the earth to make you happy. Sounds like fluff or ego maybe, but check out my pages of sincere Testimonials ( Those are my children - that's what I work for. They show that my heart's in the right place.

I know this all seems Self-serving (and probably is, to an extent), but I wanted to let you know that my heart lies in my business, and I created this business 1) to make a living doing what I love, and 2) because I saw an opportunity to really care for the bride, where others might care only for the Upsell!

Full Reception only $995...

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