3 Crucial Parts to a Wedding Reception! - Part One... The Formailities

Every Wedding Reception is divided into 3 Phases...
1) The Formalities - The Formalities begin to set the stage at a Reception, creating the environment for the evening. These include:
The Grand Announcements / Introductions
First Dances
Cake Cutting
Bouquet Toss
Any Special Formal Dances / Games / Special Events

Planning is Key here, as these Events need to run smoothly. Remember, you're creating a wonderful and Unique memory for your guests.

Grand Announcements -
We sit Together and plan exactly the music you'd like as I announce each couple or group, and we decide the order of all participants Have fun with this! Mom and Dad can walk in totheir own Song Snippett (Walk this Way or Rump Shaker!), and each couple can use their own "theme song". The Master of Ceremonies (MC = me!) will have all of the info, can make changes on the fly, his assistant at the board will have all the music cued and ready to roll.

It ALWAYS pays to have an MC AND a DJ at a wedding... The MC coordinates the nightly events while the DJ helps keep the music flowing.

First Dances - For you and your groom choose a personal, special song. It does NOT have to be a slow ballad, but most prefer this. Make it Personal. You have to dance the entire song, as it's the best Photo Op you'll have all night!

Parent Dances - You may also choose to dance a special song with a Parent / Loved One. Ask Dad or Mom to choose a song that expresses your life together, or their feelings for you. You may also share this dance with a special uncle, and there's Nothing wrong with a bride dancing with her mother!

Cake Cutting - After Dinner. Choose a Song that has something to do with Sugar, Sweetness, Candy, etc. The photographer should set the shots around the cake - remember to Look Up and Smile throughout! The MC should stand beside you, announcing the progress, asking the crowd to join. See my blog on Cake Cutting below.

Bouquet Toss - The MC will ask you when you'd like to do this, then Call all the Single Ladies (or all women present) to the floor. The DJ will play a fun Girls' song. MC checks that photographer is positioned, counts to 3 and you throw (PLEASE don't hit any overhead lighting!). Girls scramble and one lucky one emerges victorious.

- The Groom removes your Garter to a Sexy Song. The MC sets the chairmfor you, gives instruction, entertains the crowd as he slips his handunder your dress!

- MC calls all single Men to the floor, lines everyone up (men move closer to groom as garter doesn't fly well!), counts to 3, and the Groom launches the Garter.

- Finally the MC places the chair back ontothe floor, begging the girl with the bouquet to sit and endure the placement of the garter on her leg!

Special Events - It is VERY important that some weddings have Special Dances later in the evening. The groom may have daughters he'd love to dance with, you can do an Anniversary Dance to include all couples (especially the older ones). Remember, It's YOUR Wedding - unique events create participation and Unique Memories.

You may also elect to play a Game or two. These, unless rowdy, I like to do during dinner, and they can be lots of fun!

The Formalities involve the Planning and interaction of the Bride/Groom, crowd and MC. These stamp an identity on your wedding, and you probably don't want some guy sitting behind a DJ booth trying tocoordinate all this from there. I always bring a DJ with me soI can do my job as MC.