Happy to keep the Prices down...

Running your own business is tough. Take your eye off one aspect (consider trad. marketing AND Social media marketing) and you fall behind, and you feel the guilt of not exposing potential clients to your services, which you believe are much better than the standard in the wedding industry.

But I love it, because it's mine, and I have ultimate control (and responsibility) over the final product - How well the Wedding Reception turns out. It's my face that brides stare into during the initial meeting, and it's my job to complete the process of putting my heart into it for them. They trust that each vendor will do that.
There's a stigma about Getting what you pay for, and I struggle with my pricing. I understand a few things...

1) Foremost, when one is paid one should gather all his experience, expertise and ingenuity and focus these on the event at hand. Each Wedding is unique, and should always be so, because somewhere in the bride is the impulse to show her loved ones that SHE has put caring into it. So my ultimate responsibility is to share this impulse with her. After 25 years in the Wedding Industry I do admit this is a unique quality for a few of us vendors. Caring is everything. Can you put a price on Caring when few others Do really Care?

2) Another aspect of Price is Need, and honestly I probably need less personally than others. My house is paid for, and my children's colleges are paid for, and their out and independent. My wife and I have worked very hard over the years to get here. I would rather book 65 weddings for myself per year at a base of $1000 (usually more with ceremonies, lights, slideshows) then 40 at $1500. I like to book my next year very quickly. Brides appreciate the caring and the price stability, and the missing Used Car Salesmanship they find at most wedding Vendor Companies.

3) I Love doing it. After running University Bookstores for 20 years (60 hours per week and stress), working my own business on weekends all that time, I have to say I feel really guilty each week, because my own business (DJ) has flourished, but it doesn't feel like work. Which leaves me MORE time to invest my spirit into this company.

4) However, there's the business part of me which knows the maxim, "You get what you Pay for" and I know it's ingrained in each bride who has any sense. Many in the Industry say I'm a fool, with such a deep interest and great reputation, not to START my pricing at $1500 for basic. My stellar reviews alone would warrant that, since if you go to the Knot I have far more 5 star reviews than 90% of the PAID Listings (I don't pay the Knot).

But for the reasons above, I'm happy with the price right now. It's fair, maybe a bit low. Remember, there's little overhead in what I do - I own the equipment, etc. And the real workhorse is my ability to work with brides and manufacture a great wedding together. That costs me Nothing, but makes all the difference. We fill up our bookings very quickly.

So there's my bit about why I keep the pricing down. all the rest can be found in the Testimonials brides write for me after the fact. See my Knot Reviews here for a sample ... The Knot Reviews

Peace and Love, tom